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Percutaneous Trans-luminal Coronary Angioplasty


A PTCA or angioplasty is a treatment for angina.  A coronary angiogram is performed to confirm the presence of coronary artery disease or a narrowing in the heart arteries.  A narrowing can reduce the blood flow to the heart causing angina.

The main stay of therapy for coronary artery disease is medical therapy.  In some cases there is a pattern of narrowing that is amenable to PTCA.  The procedure is performed in a similar fashion to an angiogram.  A fine wire is passed through the narrowing and over this wire a special balloon can be passed that is inflated to open up the artery.  In most cases a stent is also delivered which is a fine metal scaffolding that acts to prevent the narrowing returning.

These procedures are undertaken by Cardiologists who specialise in this field of work.

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